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Because Microsoft PowerPoint has an easy to use drop and drag interface, it has become the most used software for creating presentations for business.  While PowerPoint offers the abilty to create professional grade presentation, two problems with the resulting PowerPoint Presentation are that the Presentation can only be viewed on a computer that has PowerPoint installed and that the file size of the Presentation is too large to send via email or load to your website.

Macromedia Flash, on the other hand, offers small file sizes that can be sent via email and loaded onto websites AND Flash can be seen by almost anyone anywhere without having any special software installed on the computer.  If you've ever been to the MSN or Yahoo homepage, you have seen Flash and it's likely you didn't have any trouble seeing it.  Unfortunately, Macromedia Flash is very difficult to create presentations in.  There is a high learning curve with Flash and most people in business don't have time to learn Flash then create a presentation.

So, you have one program (PowerPoint) that is easy to use, but doesn't create a small universably readable file and another program (Flash) that creates a small universably readable file, but is difficult and time-consuming to use.

A Simple Solution:  Convert PowerPoint to Flash

Our simple solution is to take your PowerPoint Presentations and convert them into Flash Presentations. 

Let me give you a real world example of how converting your PowerPoint Presentation is helpful.  One of Shelly Webber Consulting's original clients is a small hotel management company in the Southern U.S.   Nearly everyone on staff knows how to create beautiful PowerPoint Presentations and these PowerPoint Presentations are used widely for pitches to prospective clients, internal trainings and at hospitality conventions.  Because the Presentations have been so valuable at making pitches to prospective clients in person, the company decided to allow people with whom the staff couldn't meet personally to see the presentations online.

This presented several problems.  The first problem was that many prospective client didn't have PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer.  A few had PowerPoint, but had an older version and were consequently unable to open the Presentations sent to them. 

A second problem was in the sending of the Presentations.  Some of the Presentations were over 20 MB.  In most cases, you can not send or receive files via email over 2-4 MB. 

A last problem occurred after employing a fix for the "sending" problem.  The "sending problem" was fixed by uploading the PowerPoint Presentation to the company's web server and just sending a link to the Presentation via email.  Because the file size was so large and the file was "downloaded" each time it was viewed by a perspective client, the company quickly exceeded it's bandwidth for it's website hosting.  *Bandwidth is the amount of information in MB that can be seen within a month by going to http://www.yourdomain.com/anyfile.  Typically each time a web page like this one is seen, you use .002-.001 MB.  so, you can see how much more bandwidth a 20 MB PowerPoint Presentation uses in relation to a normal webpage. 

Finally, another approach was used.  By converting the 20 MB PowerPoint Presentation to a Flash SWF, the file size was reduced to 5 MB.  This is still a large file, too large to send via email, but it increased the number of people who could see it via the internet by 400%.  Moreover, the complaints from perspective clients who were frustrated because they could not view the PowerPoint Presentations were nullified.  What a great thing: no more frustrated prospective clients!

How Conversion Works

The process of conversion is simple. 

1.  Contact Shelly Webber Consulting to verify what you want converted. 

2.  Send us your PowerPoint Presentation and it's associated files (pictures, audio, etc.) on a CD via postal mail to Shelly Webber Consulting.

3.  Pay by check or credit card

4.  Recieve your Flash Presentation in you chosen format (on a CD or uploaded to your web server)

Fees for Conversion

There is a flat rate fee of $100 USD for conversion.

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